How to Compete & Remain Eligible

  1. Sign-up before August 19th 2019 (Registration)
  2. Login to the site (Account)
  3. Fill out the weekly progress form.  The form link will be available Week 1 in the group.
  4. Complete each weeks assignment
  5. Be active in the Learn Greek in a Year Facebook Group
  6. Make sure to once a month look in the mirror and tell yourself, “This is new Greek Gnosticism!”.  This is a joke.  But a popular individual has stated that learning Modern Greek pronunciation to facilitate the learning of Koine Greek “Is new Greek Gnosticism.”  This individual stated this after claiming that the purpose of the video was that somehow learning the Modern Greek pronunciation is a panacea to understanding Koine Greek.  And that the video is somehow claiming that NT exegesis is dependent upon pronunciation. These and other claims made by this individual are merely straw men as the the thesis of the video is that knowing Modern Greek and the pronunciation of Modern Greek facilitates the learning of Koine which is closer to Modern Greek.  An analogy between modern English and Shakespeare is comparable in many respects to Koine & Modern Greek.  This is not an unusual claim.  See the work of Dr. Randall Buth and his Living Koine Series.  Keep in mind that the individual making these claims about the thesis of the video has stated he hasn’t nor has any intention of watching the video.  Prov 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

Determining the Winners

At the end of the competition, all members will be required to test on the following areas:

  1. Multiple choice comprehension test covering the material of Modern Greek, Attic Greek I, & Attic Greek II
  2. Written composition in Greek on 4 out of 10 suggested topics.  Each essay must be at least 650 words
  3. A video (3-5 minutes long) where you talk about yourself and interests in modern Greek
  4. Translation on the fly of randomly selected passage

All essay subjects and passages for on-the-fly translation will be limited to the subjects, grammar, & vocabulary covered in Modern Greek, Attic Greek I, & Attic Greek II